TFSA Term Deposit

Lock in your money, get our best available rates, and save taxes with our High Interest Tax Free Terms.

With as little as $1,000, you can lock in a great rate for one to six years. Interest is calculated and paid annually, and at maturity.

Tuck some money away where it's 100% guaranteed to be safe, guaranteed to grow and the interest earned is tax free.

See how much you could be saving with the Government of Canada's TFSA calculator.

Note: Don’t forget to fill out your designation of beneficiary form if requested. Keep in mind, you must be a Implicity member before opening a TFSA. Join Now!

Non-Redeemable TFSA Term Deposits Rates
1 year 2.45%
2 year 2.60%
3 year 2.75%
4 year 2.90%
5 year 3.10%
6 year 3.15%


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