Who is Implicity Financial?
Implicity Financial is a virtual online financial institution. We are a division of Entegra Credit Union, which was established over 50 years ago in Winnipeg. We do everything we can to make savings simple because that is important to you and us!

Who can open an account?
Anyone who is a resident of Canada and over the age of 18 is eligible to open an account with Implicity.

Are there any fees?
Daily account transactions are fee-free at Implicity Financial. To view our fee schedule, click here.

Is there a minimum opening deposit?
A $5.00 share provides you with the full features of Implicity Financial.

Are my deposits protected?
Yes! As a member of Implicity, you can rest easy knowing that your money is 100% guaranteed. All deposits guaranteed without limit by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba, no matter where you live in Canada.

How do I open up a new account if I am already an Implicity member?
It’s easy! Simply visit join.implicity.ca, select the account you would like to open and we'll take care of the rest!

Why are my deposits going to a Post Office Box number?
As Implicity is branchless, a post office box number is the most secure and simple way to receive your transactions. 

What type of investment options do I have?
Currently, Implicity offers a High Interest Savings Account with ATM and Point-of-Sale access, and chequing privileges. We also offer GICs, TFSAs, RRSPs, and RRIFs in both savings and term deposit accounts.

What are the interest options available to me when I purchase an investment at Implicity Financial?
All Implicity investment accounts offer compounding interest. Interest earned will be automatically deposited into the appropriate investment account. If you prefer, the interest can be deposited into a different Implicity account on an annual basis, just be sure to specify on your deposit form which interest option we should apply to your investment.

Are there holds placed on deposits?
Yes. There is a ten-day hold placed on all deposits.

How do I receive a statement and how often?
Statements are generated monthly and accessible via Implicity Online Banking by the 4th business day of each month.

Who is Concentra Financial and why do I have to accept a Declaration of Trust when I open a TFSA, RRSP or RRIF?
When a financial institution offers registered products, they must be offered through a trustee. Concentra Financial acts as Implicity's trustee. Accepting a Declaration of Trust is Canada Revenue Agency's way of ensuring you've read and accepted the legal requirements of owning a registered product.

How do I close my Implicity Account?
If for any reason you wish to close your Implicity account, please give us a call at
1-855-594-0990 or send your request in writing to:

Implicity Financial
PO Box 58040 Bishop Grandin Blvd
Winnipeg, MB R2M 2R6

What if I have more questions?
Please contact us now or anytime you have a question. Call us at 1-855-594-0990, send an email to invest@implicity.ca or use the secure online chat on our website.